Eight mini WECANDANCE festivals: full line-up announced


Kerri Chandler, Palms Trax and Patrice Baümel are in good company on the full lineup for WECANDANCE’s eight mini editions in August.

Finally, the summer is shaping up to be the kind of summer we love: one with loud music and fantastic festivals. WECANDANCE, the yearly beach festival in Zeebrugge, has announced their summer plans. Instead of their traditional weekend festival, they will set up camp for eight mini-festivals spread across the weekends in August with a capacity of 3000 guests per event. Brand manager Evelien De Lint explains who we can expect on the line-up – and why this different approach doesn’t mean the WECANDANCE experience will be compromised.

But first things first. The full lineup spread across eight dates includes:

How big has the personal impact of a year without nightlife been on you? What is the current financial balance for you?

"It was quite the year. It felt like we were on an express train that went into a full standstill overnight. The uncertainty of the first few months was particularly challenging because we always hoped that we would be able to organize something as long as we stuck to the rules. When even those hopes were crushed, we decided, as a team, to take the opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved time off. However, now we're itching to start partying again, and we can't wait until August. We have noticed the same itch among our visitors because reactions after the launch of our summer plans were very enthusiastic".

You should look at these events as eight mini-versions of WECANDANCE.

“Financially, the entire industry was dealt a serious blow, and we weren’t an exception. To avoid the worst, we immediately reduced (or outright stopped) all our expenses to bridge the gap, not knowing how big the gap would be. Fortunately, thanks to the support of EventFlanders, we received vital support and got the chance to start up again this summer”.

Why the choice to put in a few extra days with a much smaller capacity? In theory, more is possible, right?

“It felt weird to go from a lockdown where nothing is allowed straight into a full capacity festival. Only doing these smaller editions has thus been a conscious decision. We did not want to put too much pressure on the neighbourhood or the health care system. By spreading the festival over the course of three weekends, we can guarantee this. Taking everything into account, we like this new temporary approach. Now we can dance freely, without social distancing, bubbles or mouth masks”.

No mention of the annual dress code?

"We've all had to follow so many rules lately that we thought it would be more fitting to launch a come as you are edition. To us, a festival embodies the feeling of freedom, and we want to accentuate that this year”.

Can we expect the same familiar WECANDANCE experience as a visitor?

“You should look at these events as eight mini-versions of WECANDANCE. The experience our visitors are used to (meaning music, food and fashion) will still be there. However, this time, we'll have a main stage showcasing both international artists and local talent, another stage with hip-hop vibes and a third one for house music fans. Additionally, we’ll also set up a small open-air discotheque. Just like any other year, you can expect the fine food options WECANDANCE is known. Lastly, we are not lowering our high production bar. Expect mind-blowing decoration and stage design. It’s all a tiny bit smaller than the previous editions, but these will be proper WECANDANCE events nonetheless”.