WECANDANCE opens Beach Club at Zeebrugge

Pictures by Lars Duchateau


The electronic beach festival will set up a beach club on their festival site, open every day this summer.

Like all other festivals, WECANDANCE is not able to host their usual festivities this summer. However, rather than letting a great location right on the beachfront go to waste, the organization has set up a beach bar that will host guests all season from July 17 onwards. As with the usual festival, The WECANDANCE team will focus on food, drinks, music and experiences. For that last part, the event has teamed up with the local organization Basics! to set up an Urban Beach zone, with dedicated areas for skateboarding, freerunning, spikeball and other sports.

The WECANDANCE beach club is open every day, and free of charge for everyone. Beach beds - 1,5 metres away from one another - need to be reserved in advance. Some of the confirmed names on the lineup include Lola Haro, John Noseda, Bibi Seck, Hush Hefner, Timmerman, TLP and Black Mamba amongst many others.

In compliance with the WECANDANCE 2020 glitter beach camp theme, the beach bar will be fully decorated in glitter, shimmer and shine. As you can expect - the whole operation will comply with social distancing norms and the government-issued guidelines.