Wanted: freelance journalists to join the Red Bull Elektropedia team

Pictures by Annika Wallis


Are you passionate about Belgian nightlife and willing to do the research?

Are you in love with the Belgian nightlife scene? Do you want to interview and write about talented Belgian artists, club owners and event organizers? Do you always have your ear to the ground and do you recognize good stories before they hit the big time? If so, please drop us an email with a few examples of your work in English, Dutch or French and let’s talk!

What we’re looking for exactly:

- You’re an enthusiastic copywriter or journalist who’s willing to do the research.

- You’re familiar with our values and the content Red Bull Elektropedia has made in the past.

- You’re passionate about Belgian nightlife and electronic music, and you want to investigate real topics.

- You’re able to come up with compelling subjects and research questions yourself.

- You can write coherently in English (preferably) – but Dutch or French are acceptable too, depending on the topic.

- You’re working on a freelance basis.

- Experience is a must.

We provide an appropriate fee relative to your output.