Win tickets and take a trip down to Voodoo Village 2019

Pictures by Jon Verhoeft & Simon Leloup


No shortage of open air events in Belgium lately. Although some are more worthy than others. Enter Voodoo Village, a one day festival that takes place in the leafy shadow of Humbeek castle in Grimbergen on Saturday September 7. With a lineup that spans from minimal techno to main room house, it’s hard not to daydream about the good times to come. For the occasion, we got co-promoter Maxim Dekegel to answer a few quick questions about his brainchild. To make matters even more exciting, we’re giving away 5x2 tickets. Wanna take your chance? Scroll down to the bottom of this page!

Can you start by telling us what Voodoo Village is about? What can we expect from the festival and the location?

Voodoo Village is located in a lush, green space surrounded by forests, just outside Brussels. We’re really about creating that moment where different people can come together, enjoy music at its fullest and leave their daily lives behind for a while.

You guys tried many different formulas: you started with 3 different dates throughout summer in 2015; then you had a 2-day weekend and now you have a full single day…

When we started out, the idea was to throw a couple of parties over the summer holiday in Dilbeek. After a while it became clear that location was not able to grow along with us – and so we decided to relocate and focus on a 2-day festival on just one weekend. After the 2016 edition, we fell in love with the mesmerizing area around Humbeek castle in Grimbergen. It was a perfect match. It’s on this place we were able to realize our vision of a proper festival.

You even have a boat service that brings people your festival site. Where did that idea come from?

We always try to offer alternative, environment-friendly alternative ways of transport to our festival. As soon as it became clear there was a docking station within short distance, we didn’t hesitate to rent a number of boats. It proved to be the right decision, because our third boat trip has sold out.

Our assets are the unique location and our diverse line-up, so we double down on those by making sure every stage looks beautiful

How does a relatively small festival like yours stand out in an environment that’s filled with strong competition every week?

You got to do things differently if you’re a small festival. We’re going for the ‘total experience’. Our assets are the unique location and our diverse line-up, so we double down on those by making sure every stage looks beautiful. For example, our forest stage is tucked away between the trees in the shadow of the castle. We received loads of positive feedback from our visitors last year about that place.

What are the lessons you’ve learned after almost 5 years of promoting a big event like this?

Never try to grow too fast! It’s a mistake we made in our second year. Luckily we learned our lesson and we’re stronger than ever now (laughs).

Which name are you most proud of to have booked this year?

That’s a hard question! We’re so happy to have Adriatique and Mind Against (for the second time), but a lineup isn’t made with just these big headliners. We’re equally proud to have names like Sonja Moonear and Rhadoo with us too. We haven’t really ventured much in this sonic territory before, but by locking down 2 of the most respected names in the game we’re confident our visitors will get the best there is.