Voltage Festival takes over our WE LOVE TECHNO playlist


Get in the mood for Voltage Festival on August 8 and 9 with these dark and pounding techno tracks.

As Belgians, we already know that we have a rich and comprehensive techno culture and Red Bull Elektropedia is hosting a new playlist that's dedicated to just that. Every season, we pick a specialist curator who's free to select his or her favourite homegrown picks, explore the boundaries of techno, and make regular updates. So stop what you're doing right now, move the furniture and get raving.

In the past six years, Voltage Festival has positioned itself as the destination for real techno heads. Before the pandemic hit, a record 2019 edition drew in 7000 ravers from across the continent. With over 33% of tickets sold abroad, it’s clear the organization has carved out a comfortable place in the niche of techno purism. Voltage is proud to present a new edition on Saturday August 7 and Sunday August 8, with a delicious looking lineup. Perhaps the biggest headliner is the location, the Transfo site in Zwevegem, an abandoned electricity plant. No better place to energize after a year of silence.

For this edition, the organization expects to sell out at maximum capacity, hosting 9000 ravers over two days. Tickets have flown out the door fast so far, so make sure to grab yours before it’s too late.