Voltage releases TRANSISTOR compilation with 100% Belgian techno


Festivals and events are forced to think outside of the box nowadays, and that’s precisely what Voltage Festival is doing. The organization that won the bronze medal in the Best Event (Middleweight) category on the latest Red Bull Elektropedia Awards is releasing a monstrous 27-track compilation on their Voltage Imprint, consisting exclusively of music by Belgian techno producers. Some of the contributors include Farrago, GoldFFinch, Kr!z, Phara, One Track Brain and Marco Bailey, amongst many others.

“75% of the proceeds of this compilation will go to these artists to support them doing what they do best: delivering us joy and a soundtrack to our night”, says co-promoter Steven Van Belle. “This compilation isn’t just a cry for help; it’s an affirmation that our scene is worth fighting for”. TRANSISTOR will be out on April 30, but you can listen to the first track by C12-resident Neila above.