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In this brand new video series, we're shining a light on some of Belgium's freshest new talents. This time around, we're taking things a little differently. With only the guidance of one analogue instrument, the artist performs a stripped-down version of a track of their choice. Simply put: it's back to basics - songwriting laid bare in its purest form.

Few artists have the dedication Glints has. The Antwerp rapper started a collective slash record label Abattoir Anvers, dropped his highly acclaimed 'Choirboy' debut album in March, followed by a sold-out Ancienne Belgique performance. Once the lockdown was announced, a summer schedule filled with gigs and festivals was cancelled - and so the man retreated to his studio to work on boatloads of new music. With several new projects dropping soon - actually, two weeks ago, he already dropped a new mixtape - Glints invited us to record a beautiful acoustic session, lead on piano by his roommate slash co-producer Pieter Fivez.

Why did you pick your track 'Greatness' for this acoustic session?

"It's the last track on my latest album, 'Choirboy'. I think it's also my favourite track on the record and it suits the acoustic approach perfectly. There is no pounding trap beat; it's more organic, with a lot of atmosphere, which works well when you strip it down. In this track, I talk about finding a new home - Abattoir Anvers - the place where we are right now, our current house. It's a 'thank you' to all people who helped realize this: Yong Yello, Faisal, Thor Salden, Iljen Put, and Pieter Fivez, who just played the piano.

Why the piano - and not any other instrument?

"The original track features a piano. Also, it just happens that we have an amazing classical pianist living in our house, which was rather handy". 

I suddenly have loads of time to create music. Normally, summer is for playing shows, not writing new stuff.

Do you first write your songs acoustically before adding a beat?

"That depends. Sometimes it all starts acoustically; the singer-songwriter approach. But usually, I already have the chorus and the sound in my head. Then I take that idea to my producers Yello or Faisal, and we start creating"

What does your schedule look like in the summer?

"My plans for the coming months are one big question mark. Many things were cancelled. I had a nice run of shows planned to promote the album. On the other hand, I suddenly had loads of time to create music. Normally, summer is for playing shows, not writing. So I wrote a lot of new material in the last couple of months. I'm working with different people, all from a distance, and I'm trying new things. In some way, it's cool to go full cocoon and focus on creating new things. You don't have to pause that for a show now. So I think I'm going to release a lot of stuff shortly because I have so much lying around. From the moment we're allowed to, I'll start performing again. I wish I could play next week"!