Video Premiere

Témé Tan x Le Motel: Le Ciel

Pictures by Blue Stills


Roméo Elvis’ producer Le Motel and RBEA17 ‘Most Promising’ Témé Tan are a sonic match made in heaven. ‘Le Ciel’ has already seen the light of day, but a beautiful new video by François Dubois is now exclusively available here too. Being curious to see what Témé Tan is up to these days, we fired a couple of questions at him to see what his take is on touring in Africa, the upcoming festivals and this excellent new music video.

Tanguy, how is the year 2018 treating you?

"Great! I’ve had a lot of concerts abroad, which is always great fun for me. On top of that, I returned to the country of my roots, The Democratic Republic of Congo, for the first time in 3 years – so you could say I’m doing very well!"

We saw the video you posted about your performance at Amani festival in Goma. That crowd looked crazy! How did you feel to play your music in front of such a crowd in the country where your roots lay?

"Initially, I was both very excited and nervous about the idea. The only time I had played in Congo before was in Kinshasa, back in 2015 - an amazing concert with great vibes! This time, I suspected it would be a little different. It’s not common to see solo acts like mine on the Amani Festival (or in Goma in general), but the fact that I could collaborate with local musicians for this concert gave me a confidence boost. We were all quite nervous at the beginning, but as the rain started to fall, both the band and the crowd kind of fell into a trance! We all felt as if something truly unique had just taken place. The stuff memories are made from!"

DRC, La Réunion, Morocco, Portugal, etc. That’s a very decent tour schedule… What’s the most surprising thing you learned from playing all these shows in faraway countries?

"Crowds are different everywhere I go, but they always end up dancing at some point. I never take it for granted. Even though I love to dance, I don’t consider myself as a DJ or a dance music act. Performing in front of people is just very rewarding and even after hundreds of shows, I still get surprised all the time."

You’re also playing a lot of cool homebound festivals this summer: Couleur Café, Les Ardentes, Cactus Festival and Lokerse Feesten. Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

"I am truly excited about all of them! That said, Couleur Café really feels like coming home, so I’m sure that one will be extra special."

We love you and Le Motel’s track ‘Le Ciel’. Come to think of it, we wonder why you haven’t collaborated any sooner. Your music is very complementary.

"True that (laughs). We just both have very busy tour schedule. Although we have worked on the same project together in the past. Both of us actually collaborated on the soundtrack of a movie called ‘Rosie & Moussa’, which is playing in movie theatres right now."

How did you guys first get in touch?

"Fabien got hold of one of my first self-released projects, after which he came to one of my first concerts in a super small venue and introduced himself as I was packing my stuff after the show. We have stayed in touch ever since!"

Can you tell us a little bit more about the video for ‘Le Ciel’ - it’s quite a bit different from your usual DIY style videos.

"Yes, it is! François Dubois did an excellent job directing this video. There are some amazing drone shots operated by Robin Smit in there as well. For the first time, I let myself be guided by a team that took care of business. And so they did: they scouted all the shooting locations in advance and for 4 days, the whole team would wake up around 5AM, get in the car, drive to a location and start shooting. The landscapes were surreal. It looks as if we shot on the Moon!"

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28/04 - Schoolrock - Kontich 

29/04 - Les Nuits Botanique 

05/05 - Aralunaires - Arlon

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