Video Premiere

Promis3 - Simulated Paradise


Promis3 is back with an electronic pop record inspired by y2k trance influences.

Imagine what pop music would look and sound like a decade from now. Promis3 sure provides a pretty plausible answer to that question. The Antwerp-based duo Andras Vleminckx and Brent Dielen released an exciting new EP last week - and today you can watch the video here exclusively

"This record is about how it would be possible to escape your fears and reality, by diving into a simulation which would act as a digital utopia", says Vleminckx. "The underlying message is about depression and the weight that daily life brings upon us. It's something we think is also relatable right now for so many people in lockdown all over the world".

Promis3 also launched special merch, which you can check out here. All the proceeds will go to organisations within the Black Lives Matters movement.