Video Premiere

MEYY - Common Love

Pictures by Stig De Block


With only 19 years of age, the Brussels-based Charlotte Meyntjens has already learned the ability to hypnotize listeners with her soothing voice. The self-taught singer-producer will drop her debut EP on January 31, but we have an exclusive first peek at her single 'Common Love'. Her music oozes passion, lust, euphoria and pain – the perfect cocktail to make anybody who listens long for candle-lit evenings with their loved ones. The accompanying video perfectly encapsulates those emotions.

“Common Love is a song about the sensuality and lust, featuring new couples who are head over heels", MEYY explains. "At first, I believed that falling in love was a unique feeling that couldn't possibly be recreated or understood; but later on, I learned that it always fades away into the ordinary. This video is an homage to those beautiful feelings we all experience and that we have no control over”.

Previously, another excellent single, Angelic Lies, made heads turn her way. In March, MEYY will tour the country alongside IKRAAAN and Chibi Ichigo, passing through Leuven, Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp. Should you want to see her perform sooner than that, head over to Brussels' Archiduc on Thursday January 30 for an exclusive EP showcase organized by Psst Mlle.