Video Premiere

Martha Da’ro – Fool


For those who don't already know, Martha Da'ro is a gem that's waiting to shine in spotlights across the world. She took home the gold medal in the Fresh On the Scene Award at the most recent Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, indicating that she's at the start of a promising career. With her debut EP Cheap Wine & Paris on the horizon, she drops another track today, the video of which you can check out below.

"One day, I found out a friend of mine was being cheated on. At first, I thought: why would you ever do that?", Martha explains. "Later that evening, Ashley (Morgan, ed.) was at my house, making music, and the phrase 'I've been a fool for letting you go' came to mind. I kept repeating that sentence while he was jamming on. That's when the song took form. Sometimes we're so afraid of being heartbroken, that we push the person we love so far away or break their heart. 'Fool' is about the regret that comes afterwards".