Video Premiere

Great Mountain Fire - Caroline


A gentle synth and a playful guitar are all we need to get us in the mood for a hot summer.

Great Mountain Fire is a name that should ring a few bells in indie circles. The Brussels-based band is made up of five childhood friends who have been playing together since their early teens. After releasing two albums, the quintet withdrew from the spotlights for a while. Now, they are aiming to make a comeback with a brand new album that will see the light of day this fall. 'Caroline' is the first single.

According to the band, Caroline is "a legendary figure of the streets that roams the capital. She's an allegory for the city; free, happy and sad at the same time. A man dressed as a woman, amusing and intimidating at once by her unusual freedom. As teenagers, we often saw her wandering around, but she seems to have disappeared overnight".