Video Premiere

Glints - Gold Veins


Jan Maarschalk Lemmens had been around for a while, but when he dropped ‘Bugatti’ last year, it was clear he was ready to take Glints to the next level. It’s been awfully quiet in these last few months and usually that means a lot of new material is in the making. This hunch is confirmed by Lemmens: “I’ve been working on so much new stuff, so an album is not far away anymore”.

If “Gold Veins” is a sign of things to come, then we are dying to hear more. The single that's co-produced by Yong Yello and Jens Paeyeneers comes with a bright and colourful video, directed by one of Belgium’s best hip hop video directors, A$IAN Rocky. The track features samples by the legendary Western composer Ennio Morricone. “We were lucky those got cleared”, explains Lemmens. “I usually don’t really work with samples – normally we record everything ourselves – but that Western vibe really stuck with me. The lyrics are loosely inspired by the concept of a gold rush, drawing parallels with my crew and my daily life” (laughs).