Video Premiere

Glints - Fear (ft DVTCH NORRIS)

Pictures by Thor Salden


Ask any hip hop-minded music fan which two Antwerp-raised rappers are currently making big waves and we bet the answer will be Glints and DVTCH NORRIS. The former, Jan Maarschalk Lemmens aka Glints, has been around throwing his fast-paced rhymes on Yong Yello beats for a while now, most notably on his previous single ‘Gold Veins’.

In 'Fear’, Glints tackles his ongoing battle with anxiety in the sickest way possible: by addressing the matter in a hard-as-hell tune in a flashy video that should come with an epilepsy warning. DVTCH NORRIS, who just released his debut album, joins the madness with a solid contribution we have come to expect from him. A little bird told us a first Glints album is on the way. For more background info about ‘Fear’, read the statement from Lemmens himself:

“I must have been about 15 years old when I was biking home and something triggered my mind drastically”, Jan explains, “It felt as if a switch had been turned off (or on) in my head. Staring at my hands I realized that I had lost all sensation in them, and I was dissociating from my identity. All of this was wrapped in a layer of fierce anxiety. This feeling, or non-feeling would sometimes stay for days on end and though I was always good at hiding it, I would have issues communicating and interacting with people as it felt like an objective spectator withholding my own life. It would be extremely hard to look at my own reflection. At times it evolved to the point that half of my face felt paralyzed. At first, I thought I was going mad, but after talking to some people, the experience got a name and I knew that I was not alone in encountering this issue. 10 years in, the trigger still gets switched on every now and then, and when it happens the anxiety still gets to me. But I’m not mad or sad that it happened to me, as I believe that it had an impact on how I see the world, and who I am becoming. It has always been one of the places where my music comes from, and it felt like the right time to do it in clear terms. So there you go: Fear. I hope you like it.”