Video Premiere

Fortress - Need Your Love


The other band of the School Is Cool member drops another video for her brand new electro-pop anthem.

Hanne Torfs, Ruben den Brok and Anke Verslype have been making catchy electro for a while now, but with this new track, they have shifted into a higher gear. "Even though I have been making a lot of pop-rock oriented stuff, I felt like the time had come to do something more with my interest in electronic music", Torfs explains. "Ruben helped me realize that vision – and with this project, we can both express our love for songwriting and electronic music". Do not sleep on this if you're a fan of the sound of acts like The Knife, Chvrches, Robyn or Goldfrapp.

"This track is about the dynamic relationship between two people who desire the same things, yet end up in a destructive deadlock", Torfs says. "In the end, it's about loving yourself before you can build a healthy relationship. That sounds incredibly cliché, but it's the truth". Keen observers may have noticed Red Bull Dance Your Style finalist Joffrey Anane, one of Belgium's most prolific new dancers. 

'Need Your Love' is the first single off the forthcoming debut EP. "We have come close to releasing an EP many times, but we always wanted to raise the bar. Hopefully, you will all enjoy what we have in store for you".