Video Premiere

Compact Disk Dummies - Remain In Light


Another chapter in the ever-expanding macabre toy universe of Compact Disk Dummies. The video for Remain In Light gives us a look into the fictional Silver Factory, where child employees work on what looks like robotic versions of the two brothers. Their seemingly flawless work routine gets disrupted when things go horribly wrong and the place turns into a boiling hot nightmare.

The video is produced and directed by Compact Disk Dummies themselves and contains their trademark themes and objects, combining a playful toy world with bleak messages and overall tone. Like much of their artwork and lyrics, it takes a distinctive look at mass production, consumption and finding an identity within that.

Compact Disk Dummie Lennert: " Because we worked with kids, things had to go fast and efficient. The music video basically consists of a one-take, where the kids had marks and cues for each second of the video, as well as the lights and fireworks. This was then combined with some inserts to pull focus to some actions. It was pleasant chaos that day. The one-take idea was also introduced to create the feeling of a living tableau, like a slowly moving version of the 'Last Supper' by Da Vinci. I like our music videos to have some sort of divine feel. Also because we use a lot of references to religion in our music and art."

Compact Disk Dummie Janus signed for all the special effects, from the television content to the impressive melting faces near the end of the video.

Fun fact: the kids in the video are all members of the Muzquito choir, which sang the catchy hook of the song!

Produced by Compact Disk Dummies for Silver Factory

Direction - Lennert Coorevits

Special FX - Janus Coorevits

DOP - Renate Raman

Editing - Lennert Coorevits

Grading - Bram Van Cauter

Make-Up - Annelien Debusschere

Fixer - Jan Bekaert

Photo - Kaat Pype

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Remain In Light