Video Premiere

Cellini - What's After High


On his second Cycle Four release, the techno producer gives his most prolific music to date an enigmatic video.

"What's After High was made as an outlet after a rollercoaster summer last year", Gianmarco Cellini says. "During those months, I couldn't process what was happening. Life passed me by like an express train. When I got back home, the context of what I was doing disappeared completely. I realize how transient those experiences really are. This resulted in a deep, emotional and powerful track. Now that we are experiencing uncertain times, I hope this track inspires people to let go for a moment".

For the video, Cellini decided to work together with director Cato Kusters. "I started thinking about a universal interpretation of feeling those highs and lows. Music allows you to lose yourself within your reality, but waking up from isn't necessarily negative. Society forces us to run at a certain pace, which not everyone can keep up with. Losing yourself for a moment is necessary sometimes. In the end, you also have to keep going regardless".