Video Premiere

Bombataz - Olympics of Love

Pictures by Olympe Tits


Weird indie pop from one of Belgium's most unpredictable bands. A taste of what's to come on their debut album.

As one of the Most Promising Artists  at the most recent Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, the Brussels-based quartet Bombataz is dedicated to making indie-pop weird again. As conservatory students, Vitja Pauwels (guitar, voice), Hendrik Lasure (keys), Ruben De Maesschalck (bass) and Casper Van De Velde (drums) discovered a shared love for music that was unbound by genres. Comparisons with STUFF., Beraadgeslagen and Animal Collective have been made already - and righteously so.

'Olympics of Love' is the first single of the band's upcoming debut album with the same name. The melodic, bouncy and melancholic song is an ode to the cancelled Olympic Games that would take place in Tokyo this summer. Not that these guys are big sports fans. "We like to play billiards or ping pong together if that counts", says singer Vitja Pauwels. "We secretly hope this song gets picked up in Japan so we can play there one day. We have a lot of fascination for that culture. Other than that, we just like the character and style of the Olympics. After all, the song is about the crazy duality of sports competitions and love".

As far as the upcoming album goes, the guys don't want to share too much information just yet. "We can inform you that there will be no features - it's just us", Pauwels says. With this single, though, Bombataz can definitely be described as a contemporary pop band. According to them, this title track is "the most atypical and poppy song of the album, but then again, none of the songs will be typical".