Video Premiere

blackwave. - Bittersweet Baby


One of Belgium's freshest bands presents a new video directed by  Heleen Declerq.

blackwave. (without a capital letter, and with a dot) are surfing on their own self-made success. 2019 saw the drop of their highly anticipated debut album (ARE WE STILL DREAMING?) and dozens of sold-out shows within and beyond our borders (feel free to check out the tour video we made with them in the UK last year). The group’s infectious mix of hip hop, soul, jazz and funk is a formula that’s destined to turn heads everywhere. To top it all off, Willem Ardui (one half of the duo) struck gold as Best Producer in the most recent Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Today, blackwave. shares their brand new video for ‘Bittersweet Baby’. The Heleen Declerq-directed video is the prelude of a second one made by her and Yaqine Hamzaoui that will come out later.

“From the first time we heard the concept of Heleen, we immediately felt like it fitted the tone and the mood of the song perfectly”, says Ardui. “In the video, you see all sorts of different people; you see all these different little unfinished stories. It moves past you in quick succession, but at the same time grabs your attention just long enough for you to keep thinking about it. I'm glad we got to experience these snippet stories as they were meant to be experienced; without any context, strong in their simplicity, leaving you behind with more questions than answers”.