Video Premiere

blackwave. - Arp299


blackwave. drops another banging video about dealing with the struggles of daily life.

"Arp299 is essentially about running away from everyday life", says the Antwerp-based duo. "It references a galaxy 134 million light-years away, a place so far away from everything you can't even start to imagine it. That's how your goals in life can feel sometimes". 

The track title perfectly matches the space theme blackwave. was going for throughout their debut album 'ARE WE STILL DREAMING?'. "The pressure that comes with writing an album while also trying to figure out your personal life was weighing hard on us. Sometimes we wanted to leave everything behind - to run and not look back. In the video we made for Arp299, we land in an otherworldly place during our journey of leaving everything behind".

The excellent Heleen Declerq and Yaqine Hamzaoui-directed video is a follow-up to 'Bittersweet Baby', a single blackwave. has released a month ago. "That video ends with the lyrics 'I know somewhere we can go, far away from everything'. This video picks it up from there and shows a more dream-like world in our imagination. This contrasts with the very real and grounded visual aesthetic and storytelling of the first chapter. That contrast - between big dreams and the harsh reality of everyday life- is something we like to explore in our music".