Video Premiere

Badi & Boddhi Satva - Virgil Abloh


If you paid attention to the hip hop and house scenes in the last years, you may have noticed the significant rise of African rhythms across the board. The Brussels-based rapper Badi is one of the names that is championing the sound in Belgium. On his new single, the rapper combines his hard-hitting flow with a contemporary Afrobeat sound, produced by Boddhi Satva. Badi chose to draw inspiration from and dedicate the track to global style icon (and Louis Vuitton designer) Virgil Abloh. 

The video was shot at Bushman Café and on La Sunday, an infamous street party in Ivory Coasts' capital Abidjan, with direction by From Abidjan and styling by Young Nouchi. 'Virgil Abloh' is the first-ever release on Batakari, a brand new collaborative imprint from Boddhi Satva and BBE Music-founder Peter Adarkwah.