Video Premiere

Audri - Harbor Me


Four years ago, Marijke Maes aka Audri was selected as one of our Most Promising Artists on the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Her debut, the Fool’s Gold EP, was a hypnotizing collection of light-hearted music that showcased her acrobatic voice and her delicate beat-making approach. Now, Audri is back to show the world what she has been working on. Her Paper Planes EP hits the digital shelves in one month, but to celebrate the occasion, we have a brand new video for her leading single, Harbor Me, in premiere right here.

Like a fresh spring breeze, Harbor Me is a welcome piece of music that playfully soothes inner anxiety. “The video is about a dance of action and reaction”, Maes explains. “There’s a connectivity between rest and restlessness, a duality that I try to settle. It’s about resistance and acceptance, to fight and to surrender. It’s my attempt at giving the anxiousness of our generation a place in this world”.