Tsugi: cutting-edge electronica from our Most Promising Artist


During the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards our Most Promising Artist Tsugi presented his latest track Braindance.

As every year, the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards highlighted the most talented, most creative and most compelling artists our country is blessed with. Three upcoming Belgian artists were also praised for their musical efforts and crowned 2020’s Most Promising Artists. One of them was Tsugi.

Kaito Defoort, 21 years old and Brussels-based, clearly spent a lot of time clubbing and on the internet. "In short, I’m a producer and DJ that uses alternative electronic music as a central starting point to address a wider range of different genres, like ambient, IDM, club, rave, hip hop, jazz", he explains. As the son of famed classical composer Kris Defoort and the younger brother of one of Belgium’s hottest beatmakers, UM!, creating music seemed like the only viable option. During the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, Tsugi presented his new track Brandaince, accompanied by an enchanting performance by Samantha Mavinga.