Eyes of another: when metal meets techno

Pictures by Fabrice Parent


Normally an ice-cold shiver would run along your spine when you read the title above, but when Amenra’s Colin van Eeckhout and Lennart Bossu join forces with techno producer Cellini at Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam you can expect something special. Watch their worlds collide as Eyes Of Another in the short documentary below, and don’t forget to listen to their first track ‘A faint young sun’!

Amenra needs no introduction. The Kortrijk-based group of five has their roots in the legendary H8000 scene, bringing a lethal mix of sludge and doom which has had them tour extensively across the globe in the past two decades. It’s actually frontman Colin and guitarist Lennart who initiated this new project, after techno revelation Gianmarco Cellini (who goes by just his last name) mentioned Amenra as one of his influences. Cellini is one of Belgium's most prolific new producers. In a breakthrough year that has brought him to DJ booths from Beirut to Tenerife, he locked a residency at Fuse with his Cycle Four techno night, and he took home the Most Promising Artist Award at the 2018 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards.

“I received an inbox message from Colin,” says Cellini, “saying that he thought it was cool that someone from a totally different genre was into Amenra and could appreciate their music.” “And then I had the balls to ask him to work together sometime,” adds Colin. One thing led to another and Colin, Lennart and Cellini spent some time at Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam to experiment and work on a way to make their worlds come together without losing the essence of their respective genres. Eyes Of Another was born.

This was not Cellini's first try at something entirely out of his comfort zone. Last year, he remixed ‘Expectations’ by Portland, the winners of De Nieuwe Lichting. This time, it's more than just a remix. "We didn't have a fixed idea about what we wanted. We didn't just want to combine our music either,” he says. Colin concurs: "it wasn't always easy to understand the different languages of the different musical worlds we live in. We're used to the drums and percussion leaving room for the guitars and the vocals to tell their story. But now we already had a story in the rhythm section and beats, so we first had to analyse what this already told us. We were surprised that our two separate worlds, that are often regarded as unmergeable, could somehow make a new whole and also tell an unambiguous emotional story.”

The result does not sound like anything you've heard before. Give Eyes Of Another’s first track ‘A faint young sun’ a thorough listen below.