Tour Of Duty

Tsar B in Brazil


In our newly revived Tour of Duty video series, we tag along with some of Belgium's most exciting artists during their worldly adventures. Whether it's a superstar DJ dashing from one club to the other or whether it's a band with a particular mission, our camera is there to capture every special moment in all its glory. First next in this new season: Tsar B in Brazil.

When Justine Bourgeus aka Tsar B started noticing Brazilian fans were using her tracks in hundreds of homemade twerk choreography videos, she became enchanted by its culture. Why did the music of a Belgian violist-producer-singer work so well across the other side of the world? As time went on, she became obsessed with the country of bossa nova, samba and baile funk – and she started linking up with local creatives, from musicians to stylists, and from dancers to photographers. Bourgeus began to look for an excuse to make the trip; which arrived promptly when her manager received two booking offers for a mini Tsar B Brazil tour. In between both shows, Tsar B went on a mission to dive into the unique culture of Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Curitiba; a side of Brazil most people never get to see. Tá tranquilo tá favorável.