Tour Of Duty



In our newly revived Tour of Duty video series, we tag along with some of Belgium’s most interesting artists during their worldly adventures. Whether it’s a superstar DJ dashing from one club to the other or whether it’s a band with a particular mission, our camera is there to capture every special moment in all its glory. First up in this new season: blackwave.

Few bands in Belgium have gathered a massive following quite like blackwave. did in recent years. The group around producer-rappers Willem Ardui and Jay Walker has been shooting for the stars, selling out De Roma in their hometown Antwerp (twice) and scoring gigs like Pukkelpop’s mainstage this Friday. Their infectious mix of hip hop, soul, jazz and funk presented in an impressive live show is a formula that is destined to turn heads wherever they go. With an their album on the way, we followed the guys during their short UK tour in Reading and London, discovering the dynamics behind a young and growing band that aims to break through across the border.