Tiny celebrates new year


The yearly excuse to fill yourself up with fine foods and alcohol is approaching. In anticipation of this great feast we have poked some Belgian artists, DJs and promoters, and asked them to answer two things: tell us a great NYE story and tell us your plans for the 2016 into 2017 evening. Continue for tales about epic club crawls, surprisingly sober stay-inns or sneak peeks for the upcoming NYE events.

PS: at the end of the article you’ll find a nice summary of all the cool parties happening during NYE so far. Better start planning!

Bert aka B (GOOSE)

My best NYE memory has to be Rotown in Rotterdam (2006 into 2007): Chinese food in a freezing room, Dave being ill and celebrating NYE from a warm bath in his hotel room and the rest of us giving a hell of a show at 3am. Would we do it again? With some improvements, hell yes! This year we're celebrating on the 30th of December, that spices up the celebrations. As far as GOOSE plans go: secret location, live, DJ's, etc. Keep your eyes peeled!


Mathieu Fonsny (Dour Festival / Le Cadran)

I’ve got quite a lot of great stories - most of them revolve around Forma T. -  but the funniest one all-together must be from last year. After a formal dinner and the midnight countdown I went down to a packed Le Cadran, where I had the first of 2 gigs to play that night. Up next on the schedule was a set at the Opus party in Brussels. I was supposed to end at 5am, but the vibe was right and we continued until 7am. After that I told my driver to take me to the airport - I wanted to travel to Valencia, because I was bummed I missed out on a good NYE celebration with some close friends. I took the first available airplane and blacked out over 3 seats during the whole flight. Once in Valencia, I went straight to an after party for another set. After a while I realized everyone was looking at me because I was still dressed as if it was freezing cold - people around me were wearing short sleeves and flip flops. Yeah, crazy night.

For this year I refused 3 gigs already. For the first time in years I feel like not playing anything on this night. Going abroad seems like a much more appealing plan to be honest. I still don’t know the destination yet though. Visiting friends in Barcelona, Montreal or just somewhere where I can take swim in the sea.


San Soda

Generally I’m not a fan of those NYE celebrations but one of the most fun ones was starting in Manchester with a high school friend from Belgium tagging along and finishing off in Amsterdam playing at the old Trouw with buddy Gratts. This year I'm very happy to spend NYE in Belgium, it's been ages so it will be great to see some familiar faces at Curfew in Ghent and drink champagne with my (grand)parents on January first.


Fabrice Lig

To be honest, I don't really like NYE parties in techno clubs. Too much "tourists”… :-) But I remember a NYE gig in the south of France 15 years ago in a multi-room club. I was playing with Agoria, Suburban Knight and Sierra Sam, so it was a very cool night. But the club was actually well known for its R&B music. So you can imagine the people's reaction on some underground techno music! We were like aliens in that club. This year I'll be playing at Rachdingue Club, North of Spain with Silicon Soul & Jules Wells. Wonderful club, friendly people, sun (I hope) and my family is joining too! The perfect way to enjoy the transition into the new year!



A few years ago I played four one-hour sets across the country, of which the most memorable was the closing set at FCKNYE in Brussels, where the vibe was absolutely electric. Afterwards I returned to Antwerp for a low-key close down a cool underground venue with an undercover hip-hop & funk set, which lasted till 11 in the morning. It might have been the most fun I have ever had in one night, but I’m never doing that again!

I produced so much music in the past 12 months, so I figured this is going to be the first NYE where half my set will contain my own productions. I’ll be playing the midnight slot at Timeless and I’ll be able to represent more than ever before.



To be honest I actually hate New Years. Last year I've made an edit of a track that would drop on midnight sharp if I mixed it in at 23h57m30s at 120bpm. When the clock struck twelve I didn't have to fake my new year happy face, because I was so happy I nailed that mix. This year you can find me playing tracks in Hasselt (Muziek-O-Droom), St Niklaas (Casino) and Ghent (Club IIII).


Richie Santos

Every NYE is completely different because I tend to just freestyle my way to midnight. This results in a lot of 'crazy' stories, but the oddest of all these (or at least the most boring one) must be the one where I stayed at home all night watching TV and falling asleep at 3am, haha! This year I was supposed to be far away, but duty called so I'll be at Bloody Louis like the last couple of years. Come party there with me if you wanna hear Damso's 'BruxellesVie' or Migos' 'Bad & Boujee' between 23:59 and 00:06! 🖖🏾 #SantosVie

Dvtch Norris

Well, a year ago I learned that karma is a b*tch, the hard way. The sun was already up and I was annoying a mate by pushing him around. He chased me, but I slipped and fell in a pool of puke. Saucy detail: it was still warm. That was it for me!

This year I’m doing like any other year: wandering through the city after with my friends after the family dinner. No big plans, maybe a house party here and there. We’ll see where the night takes us...



Last year I celebrated the new year at Concrete in Paris, with Spencer Parker, S3A and Gilb'r on the lineup. It was one of the best clubs I've ever been to. This year I'm playing FortyFive first (Hasselt) and afterwards I'm closing down my own night, Helder, in the early hours at Club Vaag (Antwerp) with Nico Morano, Chantal and Sheridan.


Max Dour (FCKNYE)

I remember this one year we had to move FCKNYE from Brussels to Charleroi on short notice. The venue was basically a parking lot, so we convinced the booking agents that it was a real venue, called "The Garage". It turned out to be an epic night! This year we're taking FCKNYE - btw, the biggest European NYE event - to Palais 12 again, with a lineup we're very proud of: Adam Beyer, Paula Temple, Vald and 40 other acts. We're gonna turn the venue and its 4 areas into a real huge mess right until the end of the night!


Mr Magnetik

Once I was having a NYE dinner in an apartment in Antwerp with my wife, my brother-in-law and Zombie Nation. It was just us, bad sushi, midnight fireworks, alcohol and then - blackout! This year is the first time I’ll be spending NYE with the whole family. A bit of relaxation before the 2017 rush!



Personally I don’t really like the pumped-up atmosphere during NYE, so I much rather work behind the scenes on my own events instead of playing out myself. I get more satisfaction from throwing events where others can have the night of their lives. The NYE events at FortyFive have become quite legendary and each year we’re sold out and people go wild! I always invite friends and DJ’s from the scene over to the backstage, where I try to give them something back for the efforts throughout the year – mostly in the form of an open bar. Some have to give up early because of that, others continue the party at the neighbouring Muziekodroom.

This year the charming Charlotte De Witte will grace FortyFive with a techno treat. At Muziekodroom we kept it local like every year, with The Whatevers, Pukkelpop’s Eppo Janssen and the RBEA’s #1 DJ, Faisal. Should be a great night if you ask me!


Hush Hefner

Every year I close down the Pekfabriek in Antwerp between 6am and 10am. 2 years ago I only managed to arrive around 6:30am - and I’ve never seen a DJ more relieved. Although it was ram-packed, he could barely stand on his feet anymore as he had been playing nonstop since midnight!

This year I’m playing 3 NYE parties: first up is Plein Publiek in Antwerp (midnight - 2am), then Flitsfabriek in Bornem (3am - 5am) and then… Pekfabriek! From 6am until the music stops!


Where to get your NYE on this year?


  • FCKNYE Festival at Palais 12 w/ Adam Beyer & Black Sun Empire
  • Deep in House at Horta Gallery w/ Efdemin & Gurl
  • Catclub w/ Betonkust & Cleveland
  • Fuse w/ Ryan Elliot & Hito
  • Red Cup Party at Bloody Louis w/ Ritchie Santos & Lady S
  • Ketaloco at Koloniënpaleis w/ Nico Morano & ATTAR!
  • Acid New Year Brussels at Wild Gallery w/ Acid Junkies live & Olivier Abbeloos
  • Bonnefooi w/ Fred Nasen & Sheridan
  • Los Ninos at the Los Ninos Warehouse w/ Daniel Wang & Juan Ramos
  • Leftorium at Stereo w/ Ivan Smagghe


  • Mahogany Music at Ampere w/ Moodymann & AMP Fiddler
  • NYE Fireworks at Klub Goud w/ Thang & Guy-Ohm
  • Kelly Palmer & House On Fire w/ Cheap Charly Men & Human Power Flight
  • Helder at Club Vaag w/ Nico Morano & Konna.
  • Vice City presents a Vicious New Years Eve at HAVN Church w/ Giovanni Damico & Tenor
  • #TPIA NYE at Café d’Anvers w/ Bollen & Fichtner
  • Happy End at Plein Publiek w/ Hush Hefner & Miami Nice
  • Intiem 6.0 at Havenhuis w/ DJAXX & Christian82
  • New Years Eve at Hexagon, Mechelen w/ Metadrone & Hans Bouffmyhre


  • 2017: A Rave Odyssey at Kompass Club w/ Luke Slater & Sebastien Mullaert
  • Enter The Future at Artcube w/ Rodhad & Commix
  • Kerk & Tuupe: A New Years Confusion at KERK, Gent w/ The Mole & Robert Bergman
  • Curfew NYE at Skichalet w/ Tony Lionni & San Soda
  • Poplife at Vooruit w/ Davidov & Nathan Fix
  • New Year at Red Cat (Lux) w/ Mr Leenknecht & The Glimmers
  • NYE at Decadance w/ Charlotte De Witte & Pete Howl
  • Club IIII w/ Faisal & Patat
  • Boogie Nights at Club69 w/ Gus & Big Poppe
  • Club Moris w/ Maxim Lany


  • NYE 2017: La Techno at Le Cadran w/ Amelie Lens & Dany Rodriguez
  • New Year 2017 at Reflektor w/ La Planète des Singes


  • NiewJoar at KRUSH Club w/ Nukov & Yelmet


  • FortyFive NYE w/ Charlotte De Witte & Konna
  • NYE Rocks at Muziek-O-Droom w/ Faisal & The Whatevers
  • Mirrors at Versuz
  • Decibal NYE at Camping De Boomgaard, Maaseik w/ Farrago & Kapibara


  • Nouvel An 2017 at Caprice d’Ambiance, Namur w/ Heartlybeats & Mindphone