The Fuse exhibition is open. Here are three items on display, selected by the Fuse team


We uncover three impressive crown jewels in the insane memorabilia collection of this legendary Belgian techno institute.

Are you ready for the most exciting exhibition of the year on one of Belgium's most famous dancefloors? For three straight weekends, Brussels-based nightclub Fuse transforms itself into a temporary museum, called Echoes of Eternity, that showcases its rich history and important role in developing the Belgian nightlife scene (check out our documentary on the history of Fuse or resident DJ Pierre's ultimate top 25 Fuse anthems). An archive containing 27 years worth of exclusive collectables, videos, flyers, and posters will be on full display. Don't have your tickets yet? The last available spots are flying out the door as we speak.

Here are three selected items on display, chosen by the Fuse team:

1. Ca Mousse Gloves

"Back in the 90s, Fuse and La Demence (Fuse's long-running LGBTQ partner event) hosted proper foam parties, called Ca Mousse. The whole main room would be prepped with extra barricades to protect the bar and DJ booth. Fuse created many peculiar promo items for each party, like a soapbox flyer or these limited edition gloves".

2. The Fuse DJ Battle

"There used to be a time when techno events were still experimenting with all sorts of different concepts. One such idea was a DJ battle, which was a pretty popular format in the 90s. A showdown between four DJs with eight record players and four mixers is a very energetic affair compared to the standard DJ-set format. The beat would play, and the contestant DJs would show their worth with quick selections and skilled beatmatching. There was a master of ceremony, and the crowd would decide who wins. Only the most experienced DJs would come out victorious".

The original Fuse address book

"There's no need for address books in today's world, but back then we owned one of the most complete registers of techno DJs in the world. Booking managers weren't as common in the 90s, so good direct relations with the artists were essential. We kept all the details in this book until the internet took over. For those who are hoping to get a glance at Adam Beyer's personal info: none of the visible information in this exhibition is relevant today (laughs)".

While Fuse has been a rock-solid institution in the Belgian nightlife scene for over 27 years, the club is still as relevant as ever. "They care about the basics", says Gianmarco Cellini, a regular DJ and Cycle Four event promoter. "They have one of the best sound and light installations in any club in the country, and the rest are just details. Combine a pristine sound quality with an adapted light show and the best available artists, and it's easy to see why Fuse is still considered one the best in the game".

We will never stop looking for ways to connect with our fans.

Even though Fuse has become a steady home for techno that spans decades, it doesn't like to dwell on the past. "We care about the traditions in dance music, but we also look relentlessly for cutting-edge artists that can turn the dancefloor upside down", explains co-manager Steven Van Belle. "We're at the perfect crossroads between classic and avant-garde, which is why we appeal to both young and experienced music fans. It might sound cliché, but there's an unparalleled energy that awakens once this room fills up and the DJ gets going. It's truly unique".

So far, the Fuse team is overwhelmed by the initial reactions to their exposition. "We're amazed that media interest reaches far beyond our borders, with Mixmag Asia and The Guardian sending over journalists", Van Belle says. "Most tickets have been sold, and if the demand stays high, we might extend the exhibition with on or even two weekends".

Even if clubs will most likely have to remain shut for months to come, the Fuse team is excited to be welcoming people on its grounds again. "It's a struggle to survive at the moment, so to be able to do something like this feels amazing. We don't want to keep asking for handouts or support; we want to start something new and keep in touch with the people we love. Even if this pandemic continues for years, we'll never stop looking for ways to connect with our fans".

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