"This was only the beginning". The Lous and the Yakuza interview


Our Artist of the Year 2020 gives reflects on her massive breakthrough and looks forward to what's to come.

Last year Lous came in second in the Fresh On the Scene category, this year she strikes gold in the biggest category of them all: Artist of the Year. It's hard to argue with that outcome. In just a few months, the 24-year-old Lous and the Yakuza's career skyrocketed, unlike any we've ever seen.

Dilleme, the very first single, only came out in September 2019; followed by Tout Est Gore (which came in second as Best Song at the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards) and Solo (which she performed in our PURE series). The first lockdown may have delayed her summer plans, in no way that was going to hinder her race to the top. In just a few months, she co-organized the Black Lives Matter protests in Brussels, she became the first Belgian artist to perform on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Show, and she quickly became one of the most influential and outspoken Belgian out there.

When the debut album Gore dropped in October (produced by Rosalia's El Guincho and reaching the second place in Best Album category) it felt like a definitive introductory statement. If this is only a taste of what's to come, the sky is truly the limit for Lous and her yakuza friends.

This colour has never been Artist of the Year. That gives me hope.

How have you experienced this rollercoaster year?

"It's been hectic, to say the least. There has been a lot of work, but most of all, I'm grateful. I'm blessed to have my team surround me. Having the yakuza's nearby makes all the difference".

What was your reaction when you knew you would receive the award for Artist of the Year?

"Getting this award is crazy. It shows that there has been a lot of change in our culture. Like, I am the Artist of the Year in Belgium; this colour has never been in that position. It's a blessing for me, and it gives me hope to see things are changing". 

You've reached the number one spot in this country, without having performed live on stage yet. You were just going to have a debut show when the pandemic hit. How will it feel once you will finally be able to do a show in front of a live audience?

"I can't imagine how big the tension relief will be! It's going to be very strange because I've been performing in front of cameras a lot already. Keep in mind we have already finished working on the show for a while. The band is tight, and it simply looks amazing! A special shout-out goes to my musical director Kojo Samuel. All that is why I'm looking forward to 2021 so much. Hopefully, we'll be able to give everyone a great show".

Now that your debut album is out, what will be your next step?

"I'm already writing my next album, and I've already used three different languages! In general, I'm just trying to do my best as an artist and experiment with new things. I can't wait; more experimentation and more fun! You'll see a completely different side of me. The Gore-era was really just the beginning. You can consider that album as my business card: you only get to know me a little bit. Soon, you'll know about my personality, my love life, breaking hearts and all that. The tone is going to be completely different".