The time has come: Fuse opens its doors again this weekend


It sure took long enough, but the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. 

From October 1 onwards, nightclubs in Belgium are allowed to reopen again. As one of the most established ones in the game, techno mainstay Fuse has invited its completely new resident team on Friday while hosting DJ Boring and Sally C on Saturday. To celebrate the reopening, they have compiled a brand new Spotify playlist containing the ultimate Fuse tracks. So let this be the soundtrack to your first weekend of raving. Additionally, we spoke to Steven Van Belle and Vincent Schmitt of the Fuse team for a much-needed update.

It's game time! How does it feel to finally welcome people in the club again for a party?

“It's really something. Just anticipating the rumble of the speakers on this full dancefloor is an absolute pleasure. We can't wait for our reopening between those hallowed walls; we’re sure our ravers will make it unforgettable.”

We’re going back to the basics, supporting emerging talent but keeping an eye on our legacy.

What's different at Fuse this season? Have you made any changes in the lineups or interior, etc.?

“We have upgraded our booking policies; expect bolder lineups and more club nights with our two rooms open simultaneously. We’re going back to the basics, supporting emerging talent but keeping an eye on our legacy: we're also very proud to present our completely new resident team for the new season - a fully Belgian-based group of DJs as diverse as it is musically solid. You can find them all during our opening weekend. The new artistic direction comes with a new graphic identity as well. Our new design pays tribute to the club's first years, a subtle nod and revival of the '90s.”

“We didn’t change that much inside the club so far. Our main objective was to get the club technically ready after almost two years. The main renovations will come through next year. Expect sound-system improvements, a new chill-out room, and more exciting cool upgrades.”

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

"We went all in for the first month! So it’s a hard pick. From Planetary Assault Systems live set for the Token Records night to DJ sets in the cosy Motion Room by Chaos In The CBD, Nicolas Lutz and Roman Flügel. Oh, and let’s not forget Anetha bringing her Mama Told Ya label nights to Fuse as one of her very first label nights ever. In any case, every night will be accompanied by our fresh batch of Fuse residents. We're just on a cloud for the moment; we can't wait to share this magnificent cocktail d'amour. From house to techno and everything in between, there's really something to be found for each and everyone's taste.”