Red Bull Studio Sessions

The Red Bull Studio Sessions: Lord Gasmique


Every now and then, an artist rises above the noise and claims a spot within the Belgian music industry. To some who hold an exceptional set of talents, Red Bull Elektropedia gives the opportunity to create new material in one of the professional Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin. In this series, we follow those artists as they discover the studio and make new bangers. First up, we follow Lord Gasmique to our hub in Paris. Watch and listen as we follow him along behind the buttons and into the streets.

When we interviewed the Roméo Elvis protégé in our Fresh On the Scene series last year, it was clear this man had a plan. That plan, so far, is making music - and lots of it. You can recognize a Lord Gasmique track by a low voice and even lower basslines. The young Bruxellois' sound reminds us of ISHA's music, but with a lot more power added to the mix.

"I first got into rap about five years ago", Gasmique explains. "I had always been obsessed with the French language, writing texts and reading a lot, but I wasn't really into hip hop until a friend showed me the good stuff, like La Smala, JeanJass & Caballero and Roméo Elvis. That was a revelation for me, so writing rhymes and lyrics made sense". Fun fact: Gasmique met Roméo Elvis when he worked in the supermarket near his high school. "He was already picking up steam by that point. One day he shared a freestyle of mine, which gave my beginning rap career a much-needed boost".

I'm currently in a mood where I make a lot of sounds to discover new horizons, continuing my research and my personal development

Fast forward to 2019, and the man dropped an impressive debut EP, Mieux - but with ten tracks, it's fair to call it an album. This project showcased Gasmique's ability to tackle multiple styles and to take risks - all without any major guest appearances to boost his visibility. From the chaotic trap of 'Chris Kyle' to the swaggered dancehall of 'Cléopâtre', the album showed a surprisingly broad balance between different genres.

But what happened then? Gasmique hasn't sat still in the meantime. "I'm currently in a mood where I make a lot of sounds to discover new horizons, continuing my research and my personal development", he explains. From there, he's building an extensive collection of new music, which he can draw tracks from soon. After all, word on the street is he's coming with new material soon. If this visit to the Red Bull Studios is anything to go by, we're in for something exciting.