The Magician vs. Lykke Li = Best Remix Ever


The grand finale of this year's Red Bull Elektropedia Awards is approaching rapidly - winners will be announced on Wednesday December 16 in Brussels! We're still busy counting all 19,393 votes but we've already finished counting one (special) category: Best Belgian Remix Ever.

And guess what!? The Magician's rendition of I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li came out on top! Okay, okay, you probably saw that coming, but did you also think Soulwax would make the top ten three times?! You did? Alright, so there are hardly any big surprises in this top ten, apart from - you have to admit - Maverick & Poldoore and Vuurwerk!

The full top ten looks a little something like this:

  1. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
  2. Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Remix)
  3. Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)
  4. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Villa Remix)
  5. Justice – Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Remix)
  6. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
  7. Ben Pearce – What I Might Do (Kolombo Remix)
  8. MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)
  9. The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Maverick & Poldoore Remix)
  10. Bon Iver – Minnesota WI (Vuurwerk Remix)

The Magician is now part of the Belgian "nightlife hall of fame":

2010 Best Belgian Club Ever: Fuse

2011 Best Belgian Dance Song Ever: Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam

2012 Best Belgian DJ(s) Ever: 2ManyDJs

2013 Best Belgian Dance Album Ever: 2ManyDJs - As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 2

2014 Best Belgian Party Ever: 10 Days Off

2015 Best Belgian Remix Ever: Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

All other winners will be announced on Wednesday December 16 at Wild Gallery, Brussels. The awards ceremony will start at 8.45pm and results will be posted in real-time on Red Bull Elektropedia's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And on Snapchat (rbelektropedia) of course!

For now, check out all nominees here or buy tickets to the ceremony.