The LIVE2020 Music Auction


UPDATE: the auction raised more than €26.000 for LIVE2020. Thank you for bidding and sharing!

From Amelie Lens’s synthesizer to the throne of Tomorrowland: we teamed up with LIVE2020 for a unique benefit auction! 

The vote is over! On Wednesday, November 25, you’ll find out who this year’s Red Bull Elektropedia Awards winners are. What we already know for sure, unfortunately, is that there won’t be any festivals, clubs or DJs among them. Because, well, you know.

As both Belgian nightlife and festivals are part of Red Bull Elektropedia’s DNA, we couldn’t just let that pass. Because let’s face it: no other country on earth comes close in terms of nightlife and festivals. Our sound engineers are better. Our stage builders are better. Our sweat smells better. Hashtag: Belgians do it better! GIF: mic drop!

That’s why we have joined forces with LIVE2020, the solidarity fund of the Belgian live music industry. Together, we are putting up a music auction from Tuesday, November 17 until Tuesday, November 24 (5 pm), with all proceeds going directly and 100% to LIVE2020!

Numerous musicians, festivals, and clubs have donated an impressive list of exclusive goodies. Most of them would probably fit nicely under a Christmas tree, although you can also decide to just pamper yourself of course. And while you’re at it, know that you are helping a scene that is dear to all of us.

The 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards show will be broadcast on Wednesday, November 25 at 8pmWhere? The internets! The awards show will not only be streamed on our website, YouTube and Facebook page but also on the Facebook pages of Dour, Pukkelpop, C12, Paradise City, Charlatan, Fuse, Contrair, Trix, De Serre, Kompass, Fifty Session, Full Circle, Trillers, Horst, RAMPAGE, Kiosk Radio, Rockerill, La Cabane, Lokerse Feesten, LISTEN! and LIVE2020.

So visit or and start bidding on one of these items:

- Amelie Lens’s first synthesizer, with which she made ‘In Silence’, among other things

- Angèle’s platinum album for her debut album Brol

- A ring that Mathieu Terryn had made for Bazart’s second album 2

- The Melodia Throne from Tomorrowland

- An original Storm Thorgerson print of GOOSE’s album Synrise

- BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix memorabilia from Charlotte de Witte

- Coely’s gold record for her album Different Waters

- A RAMPAGE T-shirt signed by 16 drum&bass and dubstep heroes

- Netsky's Pukkelpop jacket + three signed vinyl albums

- An official Dour flag and helicopter flight above the festival grounds

- A unique portrait of Charlotte de Witte by Karl Meersman

- A limited lithography by Eefje de Visser

- A (very) special dinner at Nick Bril’s The Jane restaurant

- Signed Polaroids of Tomorrowland Winter DJs from the Studio Brussel archive

- A piece of dance floor/art from Horst Festival

- An autographed test pressing of Brihang’s album CASCO

- A limited Tsar B photograph by Anouk van Kalmthout

- Oscar and the Wolf’s gold record for the album Infinity

- A limited-edition print of Blanche by Marie Wynants

- A series of photographs by Frieke Janssens for Stromae’s first Capsule collection

- An acoustic concert by JUICY

- Two signed Zwangere Guy canvases

- A unique cassette and walkman by Maxim Lany and Notorious Beau

- Two signed test pressings of Maloca, Le Motel’s label

- A unique DVTCH NORRIS print from Yaqine Hamzaoui

- A personal DJ lesson from AliA

- Charlotte Adigéry’s electric blue wig

- Two tickets + a backstage Pukkelpop tour

- A pimped copy of Fulco’s untitled debut album

- A signed canvas from YellowStraps

- Half a day in the studio with Faisal & Glints

- A signed copy of Out of the Blue by Lefto & Krewcial

- A Borokov Borokov tattoo

- A limited SX book by Gus & Stella

- Two backstage passes for Paradise City

- A Couleur Café fun pack

- A test pressing of Miss Angel

- Two extraterrestrial suits from The Subs

- A pimped vinyl record from BeraadGeslagen

- A signed test printing of the Glauque EP Réécriture

- A one-year Fuse pass for two + a vintage flyer collection