Techno For Humanity: an outdoor festival that donates all profits to charities.


In spirit of the holidays, there is no better time to announce a new one-day festival that will donate all of its profits to selected charities. Meet Techno For Humanity (TFH), an initiative by the Labyrinth Club team that will deliver a proper Sunday rave in support of a good cause. On Sunday, April 15, you will be able to dance away your woes between 11AM and 11PM, in the beautiful recreational park ‘De Ster’ in Sint Niklaas. Expect nothing less than a grade-A lineup, spread over 3 different stages (scroll down for the full list). We had a quick chat with Ugur Akkus, Cas Van Heukelom and Lomme Valkeneers about the what’s, the where’s, the who’s and the why’s.

What exactly is Techno For Humanity?

Lomme Valkeneers: "Techno For Humanity is the first outdoor music festival in Belgium that donates all of its profits to charities. This festival version is an extension of the club night we hosted in Antwerp’s IKON, back in 2015. After this success, we decided to level up and see things a little bigger. So, for this edition, we’re working with top shelf (inter)national artists who believe in our story and want to give something back to the community. Every artist will perform free of charge, in order to contribute to the cause."

Which charities will be supported?

Cas Van Heukelom: "Every stage host will support one charity, actually. For this year’s edition, these will be Animal Rights Benelux (backed by Amelie Lens’ Exhale), Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (backed by Krankenhaus) and Mobile School vzw (by Labyrinth Club). We’ll announce more charities we’ll work with soon."

Why did you decide to take action now?

Ugur Akkus: "We’ve been in the nightlife scene for quite some time now. In the early years it was a real struggle to make our events economically profitable. Things have gradually changed over the last few years – and right now we have a great team that’s hungry for new projects. For a long time, we have been convinced the time has come that all of us in the nightlife industry give something back to the society we live in. We truly hope this festival will be a success, making us able to help other people."

You did a first edition at Antwerp’s IKON in 2015. How do you look back at that edition?

Ugur Akkus: "At that time I already knew I wanted to organize a festival like this. That club edition was kind of a test to see if an initiative like that could work. It did, so hopefully this outdoor version will be at least as successful."

Any DJs on the bill you can share with us already?

Cas Van Heukelom: "What about the full lineup? In alphabetical order, we have none other than Amelie Lens, Danny Howells, Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman, Dubfire, Eats Everything, Farrago, Gary Beck, Hernan Cattaneo, Joyhauser, Kapibara, Kimman, Marcel Fengler, Martin Buttrich, Michael Klein, Nick Warren, Pan-Pot, Parallx, Radio Slave, Raw District, Seth Troxler, Tijana T and Timmerman gracing our stages!"

Head over to Techno For Humanity's Facebook page and keep an eye on those updates! Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, January 4, at 18:30 - mark the date!