STYXX announces revolutionary 3D techno stream: The 12 Labours of Heracles


The techno event prepares one last stream of epic proportions with Klangkuenstler on Tuesday August 31 before the club season can start again.

Formerly known as Stygian’s River, the popular techno event has found a home in Ghent's Kompass in recent years. As STYXX is preparing new actual club events, the team has shared their plans for a massive online stream. The ambitious project was done in collaboration with French 3D artist Romain Heymes, who has invested 12 months in this project depicting the mythical story of Hercules into an audiovisual show. Behind the decks: international techno star Klangkuenstler and Berlin's newest star prodigies Mercury 200.

STYXX, a reference to the mythical river to the underworld, always knew how to sell their quirky Greek mythology theme through on-site decorations and graphic design. But, with this new project, they take it one step further. With the help of massive green screen technology and some powerful unreal engine software, techno and mythology have never been closer.