Studio Planet / Studio 38: the brand new hotspot that caters to all your artist needs


Desperately looking for a place to record your next single? Also thinking about getting some promo pictures or a little music video? From now on you can do all those things under the same roof, right in the centre of Brussels. Back In The Dayz - Belgium’s premier hip hop and bass event office / artist management / booking agency - joined forces with photographer Guillaume Kayacan and artists Caballero and JeanJass in order to create a photography studio (Studio 38) and a recording studio (Studio Planet). After a successful crowdfunding campaign, they will open their doors soon, thereby creating a new creative hotspot in our vibrant capital. We had a little chat with Anthony Consiglio, the co-founder of Back In The Dayz, about the new place all artists better keep high on their watch list.

Hi Anthony, what sets this studio apart from other studios?

"Our studio is a little different, because it has all the necessary tools and equipment to create music projects from A-Z. It’s possible to record an album, shoot music videos and take promo pictures – all for the same release, all in one place. In the long run we plan to relocate our office here too, so we can work even faster and more efficiently."

How long have you been working on this project?

"Since July 2016. Unfortunately, it ended up costing us a lot more time than expected because of the skyrocketing careers of our artists at the moment. A culmination of tours, shows and productions have led to some delays."

Where did the idea come from?

"Well, during the time we were shooting the video for JeanJass & Caballero’s track “Merci Beaucoup” I was looking for a place where we could set up our recording studio. Guillaume Kayacan then offered us a room in his photography studio. We ended up starting a new initiative, together with Max Meli (my associate at Back In The Dayz) in order to manage the whole project.

At the same moment, La Smala were on the lookout for a new place to record music. They joined the adventure and now they are renting a part of the studio. It’s the only part of the studio that is not open to the public."

Did you feel like there was a lot of demand for a such a studio in Brussels?

"Absolutely. We are living and working in an environment of creators, people that will always need the tools to develop their art. Given the fact that we are the managers of Roméo Elvis, Caballero, JeanJass, La Smala and many others, a lot of the studio time is already pretty much booked."

Are you happy you sponsored the initiative with crowdfunding? What were the rewards for the big contributors?

"We couldn’t be happier! Again, we want to thank all the folks that helped us via Kisskissbangbang, the crowdfunding platform we used in order to sponsor the recording studio. In total, we made about €13.000! This enormous boost allowed us to gear up this place with high end professional equipment. To use a metaphor: we used to have an old VW Golf, but now we’re driving a brand new and shining red VW Passat with leather interior, full option, equipped with the most powerful engine on the market. With this kind of race car we’re able to go faster, higher and further!"

How long have you been working with Guillaume Kayacan? What sets him apart from other photographers?

"We first worked together on La Smala’s “Poignée de Punchline”. After that we continued to collaborate on press pictures for Caballero, JeanJass, Roméo Elvis, etc. There’s a great connection and understanding between us and this crazy genius. He’s way more than just a business partner!"

We can imagine there are sessions planned with all the BITD artists? Will you use this studio on a regular basis for recording new music?

"Yes of course – and for a lot more too! The recording studio will be managed full-time in cooperation with Caballero and JeanJass. This means that means that the whole entourage will make their music here too. Obviously, everyone from the Back In The Dayz camp will create their music here in Studio Planet. Roméo Elvis will continue to work with Pierre from L’Oeil Ecoute Laboratoire, but obviously they are welcome to make use of the equipment of Studio Planet whenever they want to."

Who can rent the studio?

"Everyone! The studio is open to any artist that wants to work with us."

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*Pictures by Daniil Lavrovski

Studio Planet / Studio 38