Smahlo: elevating soul from our Most Promising Artist


During the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards our Most Promising Artist Smahlo presented his latest track On A Tout Fait.

As every year, the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards highlighted the most talented, most creative and most compelling artists our country is blessed with. Three upcoming Belgian artists were also praised for their musical efforts and crowned 2020’s Most Promising Artists. One of them was Smahlo.

The Brussels vocalist Smahlo may only have released three singles (Ma Couleur, Esili and La Nuit), but his talent is undeniable. Blessed with a voice so pure, his powerful verses instantly give you goosebumps. The 23-year-old hits the sweet spot by wrapping the warm sound of African gospel and the lyrical depth of rap up in one incredibly convincing package. "I get a lot of inspiration from artists from my motherland, the Democratic Republic of Congo, like Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide or Mike Kalambay. So, I listen to a lot of soulful music, rumba and gospel – but at the same time, I’ve grown up in Brussels with hip hop and rap all around me. I guess I take influences from both. In the end, my most important goal is to connect people", he concludes.

Smahlo is a gem destined to shine at the top of the Belgian music industry – it’s only a matter of time. During the 2020 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, Smahlo presented his new track On A Tout Fait, accompanied by his full band.