See.Hear.Now: Tsar B


“Fooling you, it’s that trick of mine / Loving you, it’s my alibi”. The Ghent-based Tsar B clearly admits to being a little sneaky behind her boyfriend’s back in the lyrics of ‘Alibi’, the track featured in our newest See.Hear.Now live session. Since the drop of her debut album ‘The Games I Played’, the cheeky producer, violin player and vocalist has been appearing on many charts, playlists and magazine covers (like our very own Red Bull Elektropedia magazine in January).

On ‘Alibi’, the tsarina balances a catchy electronic beat with a layer of thoughtful verses. “I sometimes look for instruments that I play around with and after that I start to build a track by adding gibberish on top”, she says. “What I’ve learned over the years now is that this gibberish is often my subconsciousness. That’s where I often get my inspiration from”. With a tour in Brazil and lots of new material on the way, this won’t be the last we hear from this homegrown pop queen.