Scribbling with LTGL

Pictures by Caroline Lessire


To celebrate LTGL's Scribble EP being molded in to a seven-inch vinyl record, we had a chat with the guy. And, to make things even more interesting, we're giving away 5 of these badboys! How? We'll tell you in a flash. First things first... 

Hi L! How are things going? Working on something special at the moment? 

"Things are going great. I’m working on not being broke, and an album. I think I’m finally starting to evolve into the artist I’ve always wanted to become. There’s a few things in music I still want to get down though, like internalising harmony. I want it to be second nature, so I’m trying to get into conservatory for jazz. Exams are in September - pray for me."

The Gaslamp Killer repeatedly showed his affection to you - in a musical way, obviously. How did that affect you? 

"It’s crazy! I love Gaslamp. He's a living legend, so to be recognised by him definitely makes me cool in some way. I get a cool pass!" (laughs)

What has been the most frustrating track to make in your repertoire? 

"None of my tracks. I can only make music if it’s fun. If I feel like I have to force it, I just quit the project and probably never open it again, which is probably a bad habit."

Tell us something about the Scribble EP.

"It’s more like a fun little collectible. Scribble is a track I made in 2015. I used it in my live sets a lot, originally it was a bit more 'empty', so I could play some drums or effects over it. I re-opened the project a few months ago and added some more dumb sounds, and that was that. The Abraham Blue remix never really had a proper release so I’m happy I could give it a place in the real world, instead of it just rotting away on the internet."

How’s the future looking for LTGL?

"You might see me DJ for DVTCH NORRIS every now and then, and I have one more track left that’ll drop on a compilation, but I’m going to drop the name LTGL. Business wise it’s probably not the smartest move, but, oh well. LTGL started off with me just putting beats on the internet, rolling with whatever came my way, and gradually it derailed into some kind of music career. These days are over. But I’m so excited for the future, because now I can think about the bigger picture. I used to only care about the music and nothing else. Now, I’m starting to consider all the elements around the music, the whole package. I know what I’m capable of, I just have to work on presenting it correctly. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the hype and not ride the wave though, because I absolutely love the phase that music is in right now. People are getting tired of the boring overproduced commercial sounds, and are gravitating towards the honest weird original creative DIY stuff more and more. I love it!"

Keep an eye on LTGL's Facebook page for more updates. 

Interested in winning one of those Scribble 7-inch vinyls? Send an email with "GIVE ME THAT SCRIBBLE" as subject, and tell us why we should send one of the copies your way.