Video Premiere

Premiere: Roméo Elvis x Black Box Revelation: Laisser Partir

Pictures by Elisa Hulstaert


Back when Black Box Revelation graced the stage of the Ancienne Belgique 3 times in March, Roméo Elvis appeared as a surprise guest. The rock duo and the hip hop star performed a new collaboration, ‘Laisser Partir’, a true gem of a crossover track that can sooth the ears from fans on both sides. Now, we have the honour of premiering you the track in full, with video:

Jan Paternoster from Black Box Revelation explains: “We started making ‘Laisser Partir’ just by jamming out in a chalet in the Ardennes. First, we had the base of the track, but then we reached a tipping point: is this blues or hip hop? We just started improvising and then things start to come together organically. We must have played that one part for over half an hour, maybe even more. We made sure we left a lot of space for Roméo to rap over”.

Apparently, the match between this rock duo and the rapper was an easy one. “The cooperation with Roméo grew organically”, explains Van Dijck. “It was never forced. Our paths crossed and that’s why the result has been so much fun. We never really plan our collaborations. I think you can draw that parallel to life in general: keep your eyes open when you meet new people and go in a new direction when you feel like it”.