Roméo Elvis at Ancienne Belgique.


“Playing AB feels like coming home”

We followed Roméo Elvis before and during his show at the Ancienne Belgique.

On Saturday, April 28, Roméo Elvis played the Ancienne Belgique. The show sold out in 15 minutes, and acts as a benchmark in the career of one of Belgium’s biggest hip hop artists. Yeah that’s right, Belgium. Because Roméo Elvis and his trusted DJ and producer Le Motel don’t give a damn about language barriers.

We followed Roméo Elvis from the soundcheck to the very last track of the night. “The Ancienne Belgique is a big deal for us,” Roméo says. “We’ve done a lot of festivals and played in many different countries. We played in France, the Netherlands, but haven’t played the Ancienne Belgique before. It’s such a mythical venue. France has venues that may be bigger and bolder - Olympia, Bataclan amongst others - but this is home.”


“When you’re a musician in Belgium, you dream of playing the AB,” Roméo continues. “I’m so proud of being represented all over Belgium, so proud of the fact that people in Flanders as well as the Flemish-speaking people in Brussels listen to my music. That’s really an honour.”

It’s not Roméo’s first time at the AB. “I know every nook and cranny. Why? Simple. When I was little, my father played here a lot. I always came along, so I know the venue well. Now I’m playing here today, and my father and mother will be there. And my sister Angèle will be joining us on stage. It’s one of the most important nights of my career.”

So much has happened

“We’re right in the middle of the Morale Tour with Le Motel. The passed months we’ve played 18 dates. It’s very intense and we keep going. We’ve been touring for three years now, and a lot of things have happened. Especially since last year, when we played Le Botanique. That show sold out in a month, 600 tickets. A year later, here we are at the Ancienne Belgique with a capacity of 1800 people, which we sold out in 15 minutes. It means things are moving in the right direction, and we’re very happy about that!”