Red Bull Elektropedia selects: 17 of 17


Let’s face it: lists are awesome. This might not be the first end-of-the-year list, you see, but it may be the most interesting one, or so we hope. To cap off an amazing year for Belgian electronic music, our editors locked themselves up in a room and were only allowed to leave when they could unanimously conclude on a list of the – in their opinion – most popular, awesome, technically incredible or just straight up banging tracks made by local artists. Hate it or love it, there’s no denying these tunes made some waves. Here’s to another year of anthems. PS: to avoid confusion, our selection is ranked alphabetically.

Amelie Lens - In Silence

Few acts in Belgium killed the techno game as hard as Amelie Lens did this year. Despite the modest title, this excellent piece of 4x4 wizardry will even make the shyest of us fistpump until dawn.

Arbeid Adelt! - De Man Die Alles Noteert (DC Salas Remix)

Did we mention we love it when Belgian classics get a modern update? Man of the hour, DC Salas, certainly knows how to do it right.

blackwave. - Big Dreams

… and big dreams they should have. Clocking in as one of the best breakthroughs in our country, this duo shows it has the potential to play in the big league - which is also why they got selected amongst the ‘Most Promising Artists’ at the most recent Red Bull Elektropedia Awards.

Caballero & JeanJass - Sur Mon Nom

Hip hop continued to expand its ever-growing dominance in the streets this year – and this anthem by one of Belgium’s finest duo’s only confirms what we all know by now.

Coely - Different Waters

The queen of the Belgian festivals is going as strong as ever. The title track of the excellent album is a perfect representation of what she stands for: rowing against the stream, working hard and doing things your own way.

Damso - Macarena 

One of the biggest tracks, on one of the biggest albums, by one of the biggest artists in Belgium. Bruxelles Vie taking over the world - and giving a whole new meaning to ‘La Macarena’.

Hamza – Vibes

“Sauce God Caliente, coach personnel”. Just dim the lights and play Hamza when you’re in need for some suave vibes for a bedroom soundtrack. 

Innershades - Love At First Sight

Even though Innershades prefers to move in the shadows (see what we did there?), we were swept off our feet when we heard his contribution to DJ Haus' compilation on Defected Records. You could even say it was... love at first sight (ok, sorry – we’ll refrain from puns from now on).

Kiani & His Legion - Oval Flight

Tracks like these make us long for hazy after parties, long night drives or sunny afternoon sessions. Kiani knows how to make waves in the house scene - and doesn’t mind touching our soft spots in the process.

Roméo Elvis & Le Motel (ft Grems) – Nappeux

“Bruxelles est la capitale d'un pays qui va mal”, he says – but he obviously didn’t take the music scene into the equation. What can we say that hasn’t been said before about Roméo Elvis? The big champion of the #RBEA17 proved why he is such a symbolic artist for our country.

Soulwax - Missing Wires 

Not that they ever really went away, but what a comeback year it has been! Any track of the phenomenal From DEEWEE album could make this list, but we have a soft spot for subtle acid notes.

STUFF. – axiotl

Smashing random ideas together has never sounded so harmonious. Only a collection of creative masterminds like STUFF. is able to pull that off.

TheColorGrey - Need To Know

The only thing you need to know here is the fact that TheColorGrey is on to something. A perfect blend between accessibility and credibility. We can’t wait to hear more in 2018.

Ulysse – Manaña

2017 was the year pop music got its swing back. Brussels-based band Ulysse definitely contributed to that, with sweet songs like these.

Vitesse - In De Lucht

This Crevette Records duo hits all the right buttons with an effortless, slow-rolling disco jam that takes us back to the eighties. The funny lyrics in Dutch are the icing on the cake.

VRWRK - Hearts Beating in Sync

A new name, a new singer and a new home base. For VRWRK, that’s what it takes to deliver a fantastic album and a stand-out track.

Zwangere Guy (ft Le Motel) - Suave G

#RBEA17’s ‘Best Producer’ and ‘Best Breakthrough’ in one track? That’s a no brainer. As suave as a moustached salsa teacher trying to convince you to have shots with him.