Red Bull Elektropedia: Never Leave Home Without It 09 - Jerrymore


When the name of a mix series sums it up...

DJs contributing to this series present a mix of tracks they never leave home without when they go out playing.
These can be the DJ's signature tunes or his all-time favorites but also more than that. Some records are just always in their bag (or on their USB stick) but somehow never get played. Sometimes because the vibe is not right. Sometimes they don't fit for the slot, venue or crowd. The DJ may not be too sure about them (yet) or just plain simply forget to play them - time and time again.

In this mix series, these tracks get heard.

Number 9 by Jerrymore.

“I believe that every musician and music enthusiast independently walks his own path, and consequently writes his own unique musical tale the way he wants to. According to my experiences, the term ‘good music’ is an utter relative concept, which is thoroughly dependent of the actual moment and atmosphere where you and your listeners find yourselves in. Getting positive feedback for the music I compose, play or represent gives me a satisfying feeling."


Stefano Noferini, Larsen Factory – Push It (Jerrymore RBE Intro Edit)
Bram Fidder – Modular Crash
Ilyas Clooz – Moving Out (Perc Version) /w Alicia Keys – Fallin’ (Acapella)
Russ Yallop, Waff – Mike The Swamp
Gianni Firmaio, James Hopkins – Dubbed (Raul Facio Remix) [Jerrymore Freeloader Edit]
Apollo 84, Atove – Shockwave
Daniele Dovico – Lights Out (Jaceo Remix)
Leonardo Gonnelli, Stefano Noferini – Daze Shade
Marco Carola – 90’s (Original Mix) /w Madonna – Music (Acapella)
Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (10 Year Anniversary Mix)
Paul C, Paolo Martini – Woom
Andrea Oliva – Scream
Jerrymore – So Fly (Unreleased)