Red Bull Elektropedia: Never Leave Home Without It 08 - Deltano


When the name of a mix series sums it up...

DJs contributing to this series present a mix of tracks they never leave home without when they go out playing.
These can be the DJ's signature tunes or his all-time favorites but also more than that. Some records are just always in their bag (or on their USB stick) but somehow never get played. Sometimes because the vibe is not right. Sometimes they don't fit for the slot, venue or crowd. The DJ may not be too sure about them (yet) or just plain simply forget to play them - time and time again.

In this mix series, these tracks get heard.

Number 8 by Deltano.

"Eclecticism was first recorded to have been practiced by a group of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who attached themselves to no real system, but selected from existing philosophical beliefs those doctrines that seemed most reasonable to them. Out of my collected material I concstruct my own philosophy on the dancefloor. I don't like to categorise or put labels on music and artists."

At the 2015 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, the man claimed the 18th spot in the Belgian DJ Top 100.


Hunter/ Game - Silver (Original Mix)
Sideshow - Yek Do (Original Mix)
Evil C & Dave The Hustler - Get Up (Julien Bracht Remix)
Piers Crozier - Imperative (System2 Remix)
Alex Celler - The Grooveseeker (Original Mix)
Rework - You're So Just Just (Original Mix)
Self Enemy - Finding (Original Mix)
Agaric - A Different Beginning (Original Mix)
Anonym - Midnight Groove Sun Express (Original Mix)
Sascha Dive - Planet E (Original Mix)
Oxia - Unity (Steffen Deux Remix)
Mystic Bill - U Won't C Me (Original Mix)
Pitched Black - We Are All Made Of Stars (Original Mix)
Hans Berg - Machines (Original Mix)
Martin Buttrich - Programmer (Original Mix)