Red Bull Elektropedia - Insider Trading 05 - Aroma Recordings by Raoul Belmans


For our mixtape series INSIDER TRADING, we ask artists or labels to (almost) completely focus on themselves.
Artists or labels are invited to present a mix of tracks they’ve made or released over the years + music that had a big influence on them.
It's an alternative take on an artist or label's back catalogue. A sonic nice to meet you.

Insider Trading 05 - Aroma Recordings by Raoul Belmans

Between 1998 & 2009 Aroma Recordings was the house flagship at NEWS in Ghent curated by Raoul Belmans. There wasn't a recordstore in the world who didn't carry the latest Aroma release and if it didn't, Raoul made sure he'd swing by at the store - whilst touring - to set up distribution of the label. Many of you probably own a couple of them but with a catalogue of 65 releases Raoul thought it would be fun to compile & mix a few hidden gems from the label into this new RBE Insider Trading installment.


01 Jordan Fields Presents Cosmic City - Music Is My Soul (Special FX) // AROMA028
02 Da Cuban Heelz - Keep It Steady (Killerz Dark Dub) // AROMA006
03 Swirl People - Not Really // AROMA017
04 Sasha Krüger - Life Is Samba // AROMA005
05 Jonene & Touchdown - Are You Sure? (Swirl People R Sure Dub) // AROMA 014
06 Greenskeepers - Stomp Your Feet // AROMA055
07 Kenton Slash Demon - That's Right Modern Music // AROMA047
08 East Coast Boogiemen - Clunk 'N Junk // AROMA 021
09 LawnChair Generals - Stop Frontin' // AROMA039
10 Blasta La Vista - Stick With Joe's // AROMA010
11 Caucasian Boy - What You Give (Is What You Get) // AROMA031
12 Slater Hogan & John Larner - Dia De Los Muertos // AROMA032
13 Swirl People - When I Think Of You (Dub Cut) // AROMA048
14 The Littlemen feat. Crash - Holding On (Nacho Marco Remix) // AROMA059
15 All Good Funk Alliance - Project One // AROMA027
16 Miles Maeda - (Little) Things Are Things (Whatnot Mix) // AROMA034
17 Kenton Slash Demon - The Return of Slash // AROMA053
18 Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing (What Is A Freaky? Dub) // AROMA001