Red Bull Elektropedia - Insider Trading 04 - GRISFX


For our mixtape series INSIDER TRADING, we ask artists or labels to (almost) completely focus on themselves.
Artists or labels are invited to present a mix of tracks they’ve made or released over the years + music that had a big influence on them.
It's an alternative take on an artist or label's back catalogue. A sonic nice to meet you.

Insider Trading 04 - GRISFX

This talented youngster is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts at Tournai and has been making ​​music since 2011. Embrace his unique style and try to figure out the stories behind each track in this mixtape, which contains nothing but his own productions - going from edits to exclusive tracks.


01 - *EXCLUSIVE & UNFINISHED* Unknow name, tory lanez (♅ GRISFX ♅ remix)
02 - It's your destiny
03 - *EXCLUSIVE & UNFINISHED Temple of leaves (feat. NO TV NO RADIO)
04 - Bae on my galaxy
05 - I will mis her diamonds eyes
06 - Riding with the boys (feat. FALCO)
07 - *EXCLUSIVE & UNFINISHED* I'm so sorry, I just want to understand you
08 - Release me from the two worlds
09 - I'm also just a girl (feat. CATVLYST & YUKUNAÏ)
10 - Couple of the year (feat. MARK ARKINSON)
11 - *EXCLUSIVE & UNFINISHED* They saw both of us (feat. MARK ARKINSON)
12 - She is the day she is the night (feat. ALOE YOROI)
13 - Sasori
14 - 100th Cybae
15 - I've got feelings too
16 - ⊰Larme de Cristal⊱ My pillow was wet (prod. M-O-R-S-E x ♅ GRISFX ♅)