Red Bull Elektropedia - Insider Trading 03 - Gents & Dandy's Records by Khillaudio


“What had been a dream since the late nineties finally came to fruition in 2014: the start of my very own, little underground label called Gents & Dandy’s. The dandy runs the label whilst the artists are the gents. So no spelling errors there. It’s a great honor and pleasure to be asked by Red Bull Elektropedia to do an “Insider Trading“ mixtape with nothing but releases from our very own catalogue. Also included in this 2 hour mix are 7 exclusive forthcoming tracks to be released later this year. Dandy on!“
** Khillaudio, Gents & Dandy’s Records, June 16, 2015 **

For our mixtape series INSIDER TRADING, we ask artists or labels to (almost) completely focus on themselves.
Artists or labels are invited to present a mix of tracks they’ve made or released over the years + music that had a big influence on them.
It's an alternative take on an artist or label's back catalogue. A sonic nice to meet you.

Insider Trading 03 - Gents & Dandy's Records by Khillaudio
gentsndandysrecords.net @gentsndandysrecords
@khillaudio facebook.com/Khillaudio

01. Raw Vision - Friday Night Groove
02. Alex Agore - I Cant Wait
03. Raw Vision - All Night Long
04. John Randle - Remember
05. Told About - The Feeling (Dutch Schultz Remix)
06. Harrison BDP - Burning Up [FORTHCOMING]
07. Christian Arno - Jasons Sneakers [FORTHCOMING]
08. The Verticals - Dance The Underground
09. Gregory Dub - Cut #2
10. Jerzeyy Boyz - Welcome To Jerzeyy
11. Jerzeyy Boyz - Garden State (John Randle Remix)
12. The Verticals - Love So Deep
13. Doug Gomez - Egotrippin
14. Jerzeyy Boyz - Garden State (Snazzy Trax Remix)
15. Harrison BDP - Don’t Watch [FORTHCOMING]
16. Marc Cotterell - I Wanna Dance
17. Harrison BDP - Groove 'til tha grave [FORTHCOMING]
18. Kid Mark - Deep 2 Deep [FORTHCOMING]
19. Shatz&Matthieu - What She Said [FORTHCOMING]
20. Lecsicu - Straight In
21. Lecsicu - Pe rand
22. Marc Cotterell - Vibe The Musik
23. Lecsicu - Electrifly
24. Melodymann - The Lower Ends [FORTHCOMING]