Red Bull Elektropedia - Insider Trading 02 - 9300 Records by High Street


9300 Records is a record label run by Sons Of Melody and High Street, both of part of the Spektrum family which has been responsible for proper house and techno events in Aalst for almost three years now. At the beginning of 2015 Innershades inaugurated the label with his ‘What About Us’ EP and only a couple of months later a second release by the new Belgian producer duo Shin followed. Both releases came with 300 hand numbered and stamped vinyl records.

"This Insider trading mixtape showcases some upcoming releases that we have in the pipeline for this year and is topped up with material from labels that have a close connection with what we do and includes some tracks by artists which have been behind our DJ booth at Spektrum." - High Street, June 2015


01. Shin - Dommel (???)
02. Victor Romeo – Acid Rain (Dance Mania)
03. Shin – Mistress (9300 Records)
04. AM Unit – Raw Jam (forthcoming 9300 Records)
05. Innershades – A world that matters (Hot Haus Records)
06. DJ Haus – Another Place (Rinse)
07. Luka Lozano & Mr Ho – Dripbox (Creme Organization)
08. AM Unit – Gotta Slow Down (forthcoming 9300 Records)
09. Innershades – What About Us (9300 Records)
10. Innershades – Way Back (9300 Records)
11. Jovonn – Crying strings (Clone Classic Cuts)
12. Walrus – Spear-thrower bucket (forthcoming 9300 Records)
13. Sisterhood – Tunnels (Bicep remix) (Tief Music)
14. Sleepwalker – All Jazz (Musique Pour La Danse)
15. Walrus – Plate 16 (forthcoming 9300 Records)