Red Bull Elektropedia - Insider Trading 01 - We Play House Recordings by Miclem


"Even before Miclem was a member of our We Play House family, he was already a major hang around - avidly buying and playing our releases, and standing out as "that tall guy with the cookies who never drinks and always stays till the end" at label nights. So as the saying goes, it was a matter of time and gear for him to come up with music that would convince me to give him a couple of centimeters of wax on one of our coveted vinyl-only releases. Being one of the new Belgian We Play House bucks, it is my pleasure to see him tackling the label catalogue for Red Bull Elektropedia's Insider Trading series: all We Play House Recordings + some Theo Parrish and some Laurent Garnier. The latter two make perfect sense: Theo Parrish has been a major musical influence on both the DJing and producing of myself and my main WPH cohort San Soda, and when it comes to trying to ID tracks from DJ sets, Laurent Garnier has given me nightmares for the last 25 years."

** Red D, We Play House Recordings, March 25, 2015 **

For our mixtape series INSIDER TRADING, we ask artists or labels to (almost) completely focus on themselves.

Artists or labels are invited to present a mix of tracks they’ve made or released over the years + music that had a big influence on them.

It's an alternative take on an artist or label's back catalogue. A sonic nice to meet you.

Insider Trading 01 - We Play House Recordings by Miclem

1. Theo Parrish - Ebonics
2. Locked Groove - Aquarius
3. Russ Gabriel - Le Voyeur
4. Laurent Garnier - Sweet mellow D
5. San Soda - Hypocrisy
6. Humandrone - Northern Roader
7. Luv Jam - Dewi on Deck
8. Jeremy Glenn - When I met you
9. FCL - More than seven
10. Dektro - Langhors
11. Viadrina - Better (Arto Mwambe)
12. Kiani & His Legion - Pow Leen
13. Miclem - Stay Low
14. Tyree Cooper feat Tony Davis - Get Up (FCL Weisse Rose Remix)
15. Russ Gabriel - Egg Buzzer
16. Nacho Marco - Open (Kiani & His Legion Remix)
17. San Soda - Doorsnee