The Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2020 – The One That’s a Bit Different

Pictures by Simon Leloup & Jelle Dreesen


As with most everything this year, the 2020 edition of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards will be, well, a bit different. On the bright side, the awards will come with a big auction in support of the club and music scene!

Under normal circumstances, the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards would have once again taken place in Flagey next month. But, unfortunately, the circumstances are still far from normal and it’s still too early for such a large-scale event – known for its intensive hugs and kisses.

Some people had also been wondering out loud if the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards would make any sense in 2020. Did Belgian artists put out enough music in the past twelve months? And what about the nightlife and festival awards?

In answer to that first question: hell yeah! Our 45-piece music jury listened to over 200 albums and EPs in the last couple of months, and another 1,000 ‘singles’ and remixes. So, more than enough to stock up the following ten categories: Artist of the Year, Best Song, Best EP, Best Album, Best Remix, Best Producer, Best Video, Best Label, Fresh on the Scene and the Marc Meulemans Award (Best Artwork).

The nightlife and live music awards will, however, be put on hiatus. For one year. Having said that, in order to still show support to the nightlife and live music industry, Red Bull Elektropedia and LIVE2020 will organize an online auction in November with all proceeds going to the solidarity fund of the Belgian live music industry. Expect to be able to bid on exclusive goodies from former Red Bull Elektropedia Awards winners and nominees like Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Zwangere Guy, Bazart, Oscar And The Wolf, Charlotte Adigéry, The Subs, Tsar B, Le Motel, Brihang, blackwave. and Lefto.

So what about the awards ceremony? That will be replaced by a ‘TV show’ on Wednesday, November 25 at 8pm. It will be broadcast on not just Red Bull Elektropedia’s social media channels, but also on those of a wide range of festivals and clubs, such as Dour, Pukkelpop, Couleur Café, Paradise City, Horst, Kompass, Fuse and Rockerill.

The nominations for this year’s Red Bull Elektropedia Awards will be announced on Monday, November 2. For now, support your local music scene any which way you can in the weeks and months to come. Because yes, you can make a difference!